Natural Heal Insomnia: Find out the causes, Treat the causes of Insomnia, Improve Over All Health Condition

Natural Heal Insomnia

Naturally Heal Insomnia

Table of Contents

Title Page


CHAPTER: 1 Introduction

1.1 Brief Introduction of this book

1.2 Preface:

Insomnia is making our world of living worst:

1.3 Disclaim

1.4 Copyright

Chapter 2 Understanding the Causes of Insomnia

1. Kidney Function Problem:

2. Liver Function Problem:

3. Lung function supports kidney function and control liver function directly:

4. Spleen function does not affect Heart Function directly:

5. Heart function:

Chapter 3 Insomnia Under Specific Health Suituation

3.1 Insomnia and common heart-related angina or heart failure

3.2 Stroke Survivor and Insomnia

3.3 Despressed and Insomnia

3.4 Rheumatoid arthritis and Insomnia

3.4 Thyroid disease and Insomnia

3.5 Kidney Sickness and Insomnia

3.6 Liver sickness and Insomnia

3.7 Insomnia and the Aged and Chronic Sick

3.8 High Blood Pressure and Insomnia

3.9 Diabetics and Insomnia

3.10 Obesity and Insomnia

3.10 Asthma and Insomnia:

3.11 Insomnia and Parkinson Disease

3.12 Insomnia and common heart-related angina or heart failure

Chapter 4 Insomnia Basic Information

4.1 What is insomnia?

4.2 Insomnia Symptoms

4.3 What causes insomnia?

Chapter 5 Insomnia caused by Medications

5.1 medications can cause insomnia in some patients:

5.2 Two types of insomnia and what causes them?

5.3 Do more women than men have insomnia?

5.4 How is insomnia treated?

5.5 Treatment for chronic insomnia begins by:

5.6 What can I do to sleep better?

CHAPTER 6 Functional Food Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Intervention Program

6.1 What are the Integrative and Complementary Medicine features to cope with high blood pressure?

6.1.2 Functional Foods

6.2 What is Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes ?

6.2.1 Why Functional Food therapy Lifestyle Change?

6.2.2 Functional Food Therapeutic lifestyle Changes: Standard Operation Procedure [SOP]:

CHAPTER 7 Appends

7.1 What is Complementary and Integrative Medicine or Alternative Health

And what is Functional food





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find out the cause of insomnia and treat could be the best way to treat insomnia

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